Florida HB 1455 – Misrepresentation of Military Status

Patriot Major (Ret) John Haynes lead Patriots of Chapter 758 support of Florida HB 1455, Misrepresentation of Military Status, before the Public Safety & Domestic Security Committee on Monday, March 22, 2010. Our Patriots were also present to support Florida HB 815, Bingo Tickets, Committee Hearing on Thursday, March 25, 2010. The entire House will vote on these Bills on April 12, 2009.

Patriots Washington Sanchez, John Haynes and Dennis Foggy, HB 1455 Sponsor Rep. Maria Sachs, American Legion Veteran Charles LeCroy, Patriots Jose Ortiz and Paul Nelson
HB 1455 Co-Sponsor Rep. Janet Cruz and HB 1455 Sponsor Rep. Maria Sachs with Veterans supporters
Commander, VFW Post 3308 Mark Alvarez, Purple Heart Patriot Jose Ortiz, HB 1455 Co-Sponsor Rep. Janet Cruz, Patriot Dennis Foggy, Patriot Paul Nelson, MOPH Chapter 758 Commander Washington Sanchez
Chapter 758 Patriots with other Veterans organization members wait to support the Committee Hearing of HB 815, Bingo tickets, on March 25, 2010. Patriots present were Ken Swords and Arnold Gruning on the front row and Bill Smith, Paul Nelson and Washington Sanchez on the second row.